Bitcoin is a highly interconnected network of transactions.

Numisight gives you the tools you need to view
the forest, the trees, and all the levels of detail in between.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. The bitcoin protocol uses binary hashes and precise encoding that can be hard to process and understand. Numisight provides a visualization of this data.


Bitcoin transactions are conneted. With Numisight you can easily add and remove related transations from teh visual graph. Now you can see when, where, and how transactions enter and exit your bitcoin wallet.


Information does not exist in a vacuum. By providing a visual context of multiple transacitons patterns emerge. By analyzing these patterns deeper insight can be obtained in context rather than studiying the information in isolation.

Download Numisight Bitcoin Explorer Public Alpha

This release is alpha level quality. There may be known bugs and the feature set is not yet complete.

Mac OS X


md5 / sha256


EXE (64-bit)

md5 / sha256


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